Himalayan Pilgrim: A Chronicle of Independent Trekking Through Nepal’s Less-Traveled Regions is a book I wrote about my 2014 trek through Nepal’s Langtang region and my 2015 trek through the Helambu region.

The Photos

I took many more photos on the trek than what I could fit into the book, so I’ve published additional photos here. Click a day below to see photos from that day, and click on any photo to enlarge it.

Part I: Langtang

Day 0: Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (11 photos)
Day 1: Syabrubesi to Gumnachowk (12 photos)
Day 2: Gumnachowk to Kyanjin Gompa (19 photos)
Day 3: Tserko Ri (25 photos.)
Day 4: Kyanjin Gompa to Rimche (19 photos)
Day 5: Rimche to Thulo Syaphru (11 photos)
Day 6: Thulo Syaphru to Laurebina (25 photos)
Day 7: Laurebina to Gosainkund (36 photos)
Day 8: Gosainkund to Kathmandu (9 photos)

Part II: Helambu

The Interim (No photos)
Day 0: Kathmandu (9 photos)
Day 1: Kathmandu to Chisapani (21 photos)
Day 2: Chisapani to Kutumsang (23 photos)
Day 3: Kutumsang to Melamchigaon (35 photos)
Day 4: Melamchigaon to Tarkeghyang and Ama Yangri (31 photos)
Day 5: Tarkeghyang to Kathmandu (4 photos)

Bonus: More Kathmandu photos (8 photos)

The Map

I’ll give links to the map in a second, but first I have to explain a few things.

I put both treks on the same map. The map looks like this:

Map overview

Why the weird shape? Because I took screenshots from OpenStreetMap.org and then patched them together. The upper portion of the map covers the Langtang trek, and the lower portion of the map covers the Helambu trek. Like this:

Map with trek regions.

For broader perspective, the area outlined in red below is the section of Nepal covered in the map:

Map of Nepal with trekking area outlined in red.

And finally, the place names as they appear on the map are not always the way they are spelled in the book. Why? Because most of them were already on the map (though I did add a few that were absent). When the spelling is different, the names are still close enough to be recognizable.

If the map is not readable, try a different browser. For example, the map is too blurry when I view it in Chrome on my Android phone, but it looks perfect in Firefox. And if that still doesn’t work (like if you have a large, high-resolutions display), you can view the PDF version of the map HERE.

Ready? OK, on to the map itself.

Click to see the map.

Click the image above to see the map.

Again, if that map looks funny, download THIS PDF version instead.

Earthquake Information

The April 25, 2015 earthquake that rocked Nepal happened shortly before Himalayan Pilgrim was published. The Langtang and Helambu regions were heavily affected by the quake. Below is more information.

“The Helambu region was itself badly affected largely due to its mountainous terrain and close proximity to aftershock sites. Thousands in the region have been left homeless and injured, with villages unable to access crucial food and medical resources due to the collapsed road network.”